Nathalie Lussier’s Heartquarters is an amazing experience of growth on line, personal and business wise.

A couple years ago, I picked up a Video on YouTube about Building a Mailing List by Nathalie Lussier.  I was a total newbie in the world of virtual business.  I felt she was gutsy to put herself out there. But at the same time, she looked like a real person to me. A regular woman I could meet at the superstore and that felt amazing. This moment is an important take away on my entrepreneur path.

A few days later I opted-in for the free 30 Day List Building Challenge. The work was far more extensive than I apprehended.  Reading her blogs, watching her videos and tutorials (always to the point and efficient) kept me going. If she could do it, I could do it. I received new resources and tools, free tips and real easy instructions to follow. At one point it felt like I wanted to strive, build my business and hustle the way she did.  I opted-in for the pretty affordable paid version of The Challenge to go faster…

The third gift I received is all about values.  

With Nathalie Lussier, to be a successful entrepreneur matches with a deep respect of her audience and her students. She is cultivating a lot of integrity in her work. By the way, her plug-in Popupally is totally designed in that fashion and its free version also delivers the goods.

Because I learned from that journey what kind of entrepreneur I really want to be. More importantly, I understand how I want to serve the people following my work.  I grasped all of that clarity simply from living the experience of being a free subscriber at Nathalie Lussier’s Heartquarters. The genuine approach, the generosity, the quality of the content made it an easy decision. Even more amazing, her team provides an exemplary support. It still feels more like a follow up and a natural choice. Finally like a fish lives in water, I became an Insider of  Heartquarters. It just made sense.

What are my favorite online courses and tools?

Popupally remains my favorite plugin for it’s absolute flexibility and easiness to work with. From one version to the other, it gets better with further mobile responsiveness. The platform gets more friendly with more options to work from. So easy to perform an opt-in.

In the Heartquarters, we have access to courses on line in a private individual environnement.  The SIMPLE SEO  – ANALYTICS DEEP DIVE and EXPAND YOUR REACH  programs are definitely a must. These course help understand why is it so crucial to get our numbers, to act on them and to make appropriate adjustments as we build our audiences.

The Launch and Profit brings us a step further. It outlines the steps from the pre launch to the launch. Meaning we get to do the hard creative crafting of our offers. We receive good insights regarding our branding all included within a schedule to support our efforts. This is hard work until the excruciating moment to dare, to let go and to just launch it.  Amazing scary odyssey  from which we also get valuable tools. What profit means in our business? How to make it profitable?

Within a friendly yet professional environment, we get the guidance, the content absolutely designed to support the successful delivery of our offers and products.

Are you tired of the »ruthless honesty trend » in the online business scene? If  you feel you can make it happen in a more organic and respectful process, Nathalie Lussier’s Heartquarters is definitely the community you are searching for.  Join us!  Don’t miss #TheLaunchTriangle webinar, (it’s free!) to join: 


Nathalie Lussier's Heartquarters