I met a good friend of mine last week. We usually share a common vision on spirituality. We both carry out our faith in a non-religious fashion. We recognize a source of life greater than ourselves. I believe in feeling connected or grounded to a web of energy and possibilities available everywhere and anywhere, all around us. In my spiritual realm, I let God be.

But last week, Timothy was disconnected from all of it. His disappointment was the main source powering his thoughts and his logic was tainted with steaming sadness. I listened without agreeing and soon enough, I stopped trying to bring him home, meaning back to himself. He just needed to lash out. Timothy is angry at the humankind and he is taking out his rage against God. I just know how it feels, I’ve been there, powerlessness usually makes me feel furious. So I just listened and practiced kindness to the best of my ability. I’ve asked him questions and reminded myself to be a friend above it all.

Even after a couple days, our conversation keeps me thinking. Timothy felt so deceived, betrayed and abandoned that he decided to deny the existence of God. Locked and loaded on that solution, he presented and defended his atheist position rigorously. But still, I would not flinch, not even an iota.

Don’t get on your high horses yet!

It’s not a question of faith, not directly or entirely anyway. It’s more about staying truthful to the best version of myself in this situation, for the common greater good which includes us, not just me. Easier said than done though.

Anyway one funny thing, Timothy’s fury comes in part from the spiritual procrastination of another friend. Lisa is practicing the “Let go, let God” to the edge of insanity which makes her act as a kind of extremist for that matter. She expects God to solve her problems. Whatever comes her way seems for her to be God’s answers. This interpretation of faith is a trend in the spiritual fair we live in. I believe it is dangerous, insidious and scary.

God’s speed or what?

Why do I think it’s a dangerous and insidious trend? For starter because it cultivates one’s fear to make bad decisions and then transforms thus fear in a peculiar sluggish faith. The kind of blinded faith that results in a docility ready to consent to almost anything… if it is God’s will. Do you see what I’m seeing here. It is as scary as it can get.

Secondly, it’s insidious because it pretends to a knowledge and to an understanding of God’s will. Therefore, it implies also there is one good faith, one good spirituality, one good lifestyle, one good religion and one good God: the One they think they understand placed above all the other gods.

It is also insidiously insane and scary because it’s very difficult to have a simple conversation about life’s challenges, about humankind or faith with a person locked and loaded on that premise. Why is that?

Well, according to this logic, it is always the will of God or time to wait for God’s will or to let God… You know God’s speed. Nothing more to be clarified, talked over or to be understood. In that belief system, everybody feels powerless like a fly stuck in an empty glass turned upside down on the table.

From my personal experience, powerlessness is neither faith or neither humility. It is painful to the core, it harnesses shame, resentments and in a very specific way, victimization. It makes us angry and not responsible really.  I guess this could explain how so many religious quibbles got out of control and why we must stay open and vigilant.

Do not let God let go all of us.

Timothy and I are still friends after this difficult conversation about God, humankind stupidity and religion. We passed the test. This could have gone so wrong. But lucky us, my Higher Power and his Non-God don’t care about righteousness. We care about each other. We love peace and non-violence.