Sometimes my concentration is channeled like in a funnel. These moments are graceful and energetically free from burdens. I can work and accomplish so much in less time. That space within amazes me. I keep my focus on the task, I take notes, I have a clear vision of my desired outcome, I see the big picture, I feel confident and in control. There is no blur nor missing steps, the execution is flowing and flawless. I am in my zone.

What if I tell you right now I’m living that state of mind every time I choose to sit down, to work, to make the calls, to hustle my way in or to write. Do you really think it is possible or not?  What if I tell you my ability to focus is directly connected to my true desires.  Would you consider it more possible?

Staying in touch with my true desires landscapes my belief system. Owning my true desires ignite the best version of me effortlessly. When internet distracts me, when people snatch me away from my work, I silently agree to put out my fire, to disconnect myself from my true purpose. I let myself down.

Why would anybody do that? Why do I do that to myself?

There is no short explanation and we all end up doing it at one time or another. We all carry a personal legend we need to overwrite. We all need to face up with our hidden monsters and override them.  We all need to gentle our way back into ourselves.

It takes a daily commitment to master any kind of art, focusing is an art to master. Writing’s muscles need training, care and discipline; striving a web business commands a highly level of enthusiasm and dedication, an openness to learn and a good dose of faith for hammering away at the treadmill to get results, day after day.

Therefore, to find the energy to step in that craziness, I need to nurture my true desires by, among things, not forcing what is not there yet. I do my best with what I got. I sit down when I feel the words ready to manifest. I bet on the compound effect to change my old habits in new ones and to replace my old belief system with the more positive and uplifting version of myself. As every baby is set to walk for good at one point, I am too. I know I will fall, get up, get back on my feet, collapse 15 minutes, lose faith for another 20, crawl myself back together, strive, hustle, resist, lose sight of my purpose, fail at being my own best friend, win back my confidence, succeed, meet my goals and celebrate. And this is how my day goes in my new life of entrepreneur.

To keep my focus in my zone, I will give myself a path on the back every time I successfully do what I say I am going to do. I want to remember in the core of every cells of my body spirit and mind how empowering it feels to choose freedom.

My true freedom is to be do be do who I choose to.