As I read a post from John Nicholas Stoodley in Google+, I felt a beautiful connection in between our words.  I could not resist the urge of jamming ideas with his readings. I see human quantum as a way to picture our unlimited possibilities. It gives us a kind of permission to step outside the box of the belief systems we were brought in.

By mixing a little modern biology and quantum physics in our questioning about faith, gods, and the purpose of our existence, we move our thinking to a peripheral view of what science recognizes. It allows us to step in the strange dimensions of the unnamed, unsaid or the unthought-of conceptions usually referred as spiritual or esoteric. But for now let’s call that new space of thinking Human Quantic because it serves our purpose.

For instance, let’s take the observer theory and the new DNA discovery as a (largely) simplified example of our unlimited possibilities. It seems that our human DNA has definitely the ability to re-organize matter at a very small level, like photons. Let’s daydream and imagine that human DNA is the operator of the observer effect; re-organizing matter. From that peripheral concept, DNA would be a « by default configuration system or a by default frequency » ready to be customized using the connection of the mind body and soul to modulate matter and reality as we feel it.

Then let’s introduce the disturbing idea that the communication skills of the human cells are not localized in one central point, meaning not only as a whole in the body. These researches established that one’s DNA stays connected to its body shell owner regardless of the distance in between them. It means that the particles we are made of are communicating all the time no matter their localization. We are not locked down in a specific space and time. Furthermore our DNA is responding instantly to stimuli with thousands of miles of separation.

Now, if this hypothesis is believable. If it was to be authenticated, tested and proven. Would it be possible for us to align ourselves with that powerful tool to change the world as we know it? The scientific spiritual answer is yes, we do have the inner ability to connect to each other, to create a network of people focussing on a specific feeling every day that is changing the world, Healing people, healing the world. It is called daydreaming or meditating or praying and its core feelings are powerful beyond what we conceive: Love, compassion empathy.

I wonder what we are waiting for to test drives these new possibilities of the human potential.