I woke up in a very tired mood. No wonder, I got to bed with a to do list and woke up with an even bigger to do list. Feeling busy? Feeling overwhelmed? Are you losing it too? I know we prefer not to talk about these mornings and awful nights. We chose to be entrepreneur, to be successful, to feel the freedom, to show how it is possible to change the world, our lifestyle, to have a plan and I surely want  to stick to the plan.

This morning, I was literally fighting to open my eyes. They were closed, shut, I was in a locked down. A voice from within was advocating fiercely for an extended stay in bed. Another part of me was silently witnessing the takeover.  I swear my body has a mind of itself; it is clear. I concluded that somehow, my body is not always choosing me as the main pilot of the vessel. Does that make any sense to you?

I feel a resistance to change.

Isn’t it funny how we get the second role on the same day we set as the first day of our new life? How resistances are building up like sneaky gremlins ready to start a party as soon as we dare to think of implementing the fantastic daily plan we structured with such care?

Yes, today is Day 1. I will not deny myself of my first day. However it unwinds, it is mine and for me to keep.

I am supposed to embody a new self with brand new sets of rules especially designed to create more discipline and more productivity in my new entrepreneurial life. As I am writing this in a foreign language, several points come to my attention. I am writing a blog about my experiences.  I laugh about it because there is nothing else to do but accepting what is really going on.  I truly believe I will meditate, exercise yoga, do the sacred things to bring me up to speed to success another morning.

As to which morning, it has to be kept secret to elude the gremlins. They sabotage, they resist and they do not believe I should be the winning team. Can you believe they did all of that on my behalf? In one morning? Taking advantage of my sleepy mind?

Do you have your own clan of gremlins? How do you keep them in check?