Free to Daydream. Like a prayer, a whisper in a universal language to connect the dots between us. I know we stopped dreaming a long time ago, may be before the Prophets began to drop their wisdom on us. You know, Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Mahomet, I mean all of them, even the ones that do not come to mind as I write this. So Humanity stopped dreaming, we stopped dreaming. The amazing thing is that we are stuck with an amazing ability to shape our world and to design our lives but to put it bluntly, we forgot how  to feel  free  daydream.  I wonder what the world would look like if we were to believe in our abilities to change the world, beginning right now.

For example, how about remembering how easy, fulfilling, relaxing it is to dream awaken. How it feels liberating to let go of the burdens and just lie down on the floor or in the grass, looking at the sky, closing our eyes, and then just dream awaken. Dreaming without sleeping is the art of building a new reality for our lives, consciously. This is one of the many tools we stopped using. However, we were actively doing so as kids and teenagers. Instinctively, we were really good at focusing our attention to craft in our mind an alternate reality to answer our desires. We would dream the life we really wanted for the next summer, or just the games we really wanted to play the next day with the neighbors. We envisioned how we wanted to feel in our days, in love, in friendships. We were dedicated to craft our daily lives. So what changed?

I know we are  »busy », scheduled, job performing, money generators, parents, family, debts; I know all of that shit happened to most of us. I always felt like losing a huge part of my life on  »empty spaces », like trying to fit a piece of me in the wrong puzzle. Does that make sense to you?

Several years ago,  I was  »honestly » leading  myself to believe I did not have anything to do with that way of life.  I was comfortable with the no choosing, no questioning, living in the box, looking outside from the outside, watching too much television, feeding my mind spirit and soul with garbage ideas, bad news and a dream life I would sit down and watch night after night after night. I stopped dreaming by myself, which is not an excuse but a fact. All these years I gave away my inner power to create the life that I really wanted and I simply agreed to feel sad, powerless and defeated. Why is that?

Well I guess in my case, it is easier watched than done.

Therefore, I disconnected the cable and the television. I got back into reading, writing, journaling and daydreaming. This first set of actions is actually resetting my life. It is changing my perception of time, I feel less stressed, more communicative, I feel more confident in my own abilities to design my way of life and share everything there is to share. I feel more freedom, more space for myself to choose what I really want to do with my awaken minutes. It is not meditation. It’s daydreaming.

So, to change the world is to change my world as a first step. I got back into daydreaming as a daily practice to get in touch with the lightness of the life, the grace of being alive. I allow myself to feel gratitude for the moments we have to share with my world. Just breathe in and dive into your desires, believe what you imagine, take in all that energy and feel absolutely empowered to change your world. Then, daydream it!